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good website certificate sets standards in the Polish Internet in website usability area. Certification is granted only to websites offering the best functional solutions that are tailored perfectly to the needs of customers. Award of the certificate is subject to passing a usability analysis conducted by webAdviser.

good website certificate

Only the best...

Currently, only the Polish Internet has over 2 million registered domains, what results in hundreds of millions of pages and subpages. Unfortunately, a large part of them is not very intuitive and difficult to use. Thus, these websites lose users and often customers.

good website certificate is awarded by webAdviser based on website usability audit. A positive audit result entitles you to receive a certificate. In the case of a negative result, we define areas for improvements. After implementation of modifications you are allowed to use certification.

Having received the certificate, you enter to a small group of modern companies that specifically take care of contact with customers via the Internet. The certificate is a guarantee of quality, reliability and customer-friendly approach to business.

If you are interested in receiving a good website certificate, please contact with us. We will conduct usability audit of your website and on the basis of its results we admit certificate or indicate areas for improvement. On request, we can also design the recommended changes according to the best standards of website usability.

What is good website certificate?
  • One of the first website usability certificates in the Polish Internet
  • Granted to the most usable websites on the market
  • Sets standards in web usability area in the Polish Internet
  • Awarded on the basis of successfully completed usability analysis or implemented recommendations arising from the usability report
How can you get certified?
  • good website certificate is granted to websites that underwent usability audit
  • If the usability report recommends improvements, the certificate is granted after the implementation of improvements
  • Usability analysis must be carried out by webAdviser
  • Once recommendations of usability report are properly implemented, it is not required to conduct again a full audit but only to check the elements of interest.
What kind of websites will receive the certificate?
  • They have intuitive user-friendly interface and navigation system
  • They are clear and understandable, they do not overwhelm user with unnecessary information
  • They have clear and tailored graphic design
  • They give an easy way to contact the company or place an order
  • They use generally accepted conventions and style of the Internet
  • They use language and terminology adjusted to the expected user
  • They are properly displayed on each computer and operating system is not excessively burdened
What is your advantage having the certificate?
  • The confirmation that your website meets the highest standards of quality in the field of website usability
  • The warranty for your users - quality, reliability and customer-friendly approach to business
  • The presence among the best interactive firms in the Polish Internet
What are terms and conditions?
  • You can get the certificate free-of-charge after carrying out usability audit of your website
  • To order website usability audit, please contact us
  • The certificate is awarded for one year, assuming that the website will not be changed significantly ??at this time
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