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Benchmarking is a perfect complement to web usability audit. It allows you to conduct a comparative analysis of competing websites and choose the best solutions available on the market. Benchmarking of webAdviser offers two types of analysis: a comparative analysis and analysis of best practices.

Comaparative analysis

comparative analysis benchmarking The comparative analysis is the basis of all business analysis on each market. It allows you to compare your company (in this case your website) with the competition according to strict criteria. The result of this analysis is the report of the assessments of each of the websites on the basis of selected different criteria. We follow your selected criteria, for example, presentation of offer, purchasing process, graphics, website speed and loading time, intuitiveness.

Thanks to comparative analysis we can recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each of the websites and identify what should be improved in your website to make it better. Benchmarking is also a very valuable asset to managers in making strategic business decisions.

Analysis of best practices

The goal of analysis of best practice is to find the best solutions to a particular problem - for example, how to design the car configuration module or present packages of telecommunications services. The goal of this type of analysis is not comparing a predetermined number of competitors, but looking for the best solutions to a given problem.

Companies from various sectors try to solve similar problems, so it is important to have a broad perspective also on other industries. In contrast to the comparative analysis we extend the field of analysis to other industries and similar markets in other countries. Thanks to this perspective we are confident that we will find the best solution available on the market.
Benchmarking in webAdviser offer
For whom? How long does it take? What is the price? What do you get?
Comaparative analysis For companies that want a detailed comparison with competitive websites From 3 to 10 days 800 - 2.000 PLN Report with a detailed comparison to selected websites according to established criteria with recommendations
Analysis of best practices For companies that look for the best solution of particular website dilemma From 3 to 10 days 600 - 800 PLN Report presenting several solutions of the problem with recommendations
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