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A natural consequence of the report of website usability analysis is to implement the recommended improvements. However, there is a very important step between the decision and implementation - the designing of changes recommended in the usability report.

web design

WebAdviser offers web design based on usability analysis, best practices in the field of web design and our experience. We design both the whole websites and the individual sections or the conversion paths. We cope with other elements as well that affect the usability design, such as words optimization for your users and the appropriate selection of keywords.

In total, we offer you 4 modules related to designing:
Web design offered by webAdviser
For whom? How long does it take? What is the price? What do you get?
Designing of new websites For companies focused on complete rebuild of your website based on usability design From 7 to 21 days from 1.000 PLN, price depends on the scope of planned website Technical (functional) specifications of new website - graphic project + detailed description of all features for the programmer
Designing of navigation system For companies focused on optimization of the menu structure on your website based on the best principles of web designing From 3 to 7 days 500-2.000 PLN Project of navigation system on the website, including site map, category names, recommendations on the ways of content presentation, justification
Content and words optimization For companies focused on customizing of words used on the website for its users in order to make the website more understandable 7-21 days 600-3.000 PLN The analysis of website words, recommendations of changes in terminology and proposal of text structure optimization on the website
Keywords selection For companies focused on positioning on certain keywords that will achieve the highest quality traffic (i.e. resulting in financial success) 3-5 days 400-600 PLN A list of keywords that implemented in the website positioning provide you with the best results for your website and recommendations how to use this list
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