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In addition to usability analysis and designing webAdviser offers also the ability to directly make changes to the websites of our customers. Thanks to our service we can guarantee that all recommendations will be implemented based on the highest standards in the field of web usability

Recommendations of web usability audit

Our offer consists of elements that are useful for both companies that want to work on the basis of their current website and those that decide to build a new website from scratch. The decision in this case should be taken on the basis of usability analysis, which will determine the extent of necessary changes and technologies on which website should be based.

Implementation that makes your project come true
For whom? How long does it take? What is the price? What do you get?
Implementation of recommended changes For companies that want to implement on your website changes recommended by webAdviser From 7 to 35 days From 500 PLN Implementation of recommendations presented in the usability report
Websites creation For companies that want to create a new website from scratch From 7 to 45 days From 700 PLN New, fully usable website based on the well-known Content Management System
Website optimization for Google (SEO) For companies that want to increase the number of visitors on their website 5 - 14 days 500 - 1.500 PLN/month Optimization of code and content for selected keywords, which will result in higher position in search results
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Websites on which we implement a set of recommended changes presented in usability audit might get the webAdviser "good website" usability certificate. It is a guarantee for each user that this website represents the highest standards of web usability.