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Usability analysis

Internet quickly became one of the most important consumer information sources. Studies show that depending on the industry up to 70% of the customers check the offers on Internet before purchasing. Several millions in Poland alone do shopping on the Internet. They choose intuitive and easy to use websites with high level of user experience (UX).

What is web usability?

website usability Under Web Usability we understand all user emotions that result from web browsing, in other words user experience (UX) . Elements that determine usability of website include:
  • Intuitiveness - if the new user can quickly find the information
  • Readability - if the content and graphics on this website is clear and if it does not tired eyes
  • Understandability - if the content on the website is understood by the user
  • Efficiency - if users are familiar with the website and can quickly and easily browse it
  • Correctness - if your website works on various browsers and systems
  • Search Engine Optimization - if your website is search engine friendly

What is a website usability analysis?

Usability analysis (or usability tests ) allows you to verify your web usability under different criteria. Thanks to these tests you can quickly identify and correct weaknesses that disturb users to browse your website. It results in significant improvements in user experience and, consequently, it will increase orders on your website.
Usability analysis offered by webAdviser
For whom? How long does it take? What is the price? What do you get?
Usability audit For companies that want to examine web usability quickly and thoroughly From 3 to 7 days 800 - 2.000 PLN General report prepared by the expert on web usability, including recommendations, ppt / pdf form
Users testing For companies wishing to verify and track specific conversion paths (such as purchasing) From 14 to 28 days 5.000 - 8.000 PLN Usability test report (ppt / pdf), user feedback, specific recommendations, videos of test
Traffic analysis For companies that want to keep getting reports of results and traffic on their websites. Regular tests 100 - 1.000 PLN monthly Regular report on traffic on your website
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