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Usability audit
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What is the usability audit?

Website usability audit (or expert audit) is the quickest way to analyse usability of website. It is based on a comprehensive website assessment conducted by professionals based on a proven methodology, our experience and best practices in the field of web usability.

It is the most comprehensive method of analyzing web pages, as it allows you to test all elements of the website UX in one study.

What do we analyse?
  • Navigation system
  • Intuitiveness of obtaining information
  • Transparency and clarity
  • Usability of order forms and the entire ordering process
  • Wording
  • Error controls
  • ... and other elements that determine your website UX
  • The above mentioned audit elements are analysed under the scope of objectives defined for your website
How do we analyse?
  • We conduct with you interview on your website and collect information such as desired profile of your user and objectives of your website
  • We go deeply into your website and identify errors
  • We analyse different scenarios of ordering or getting key information
  • We carry out website audits based on the latest trends in the field of usability (UX)
  • Each usability audit is different, this is why usability analysis is always optimized for the specific project
What do you get?
  • Audit report in the form of a presentation
  • Report will show you on slides and charts problems identified on your website and model recommendations how to solve them
  • The document will contain from couple to hundreds of slides, depending on the audit scope
  • After the implementation of recommended changes, your website will receive a prestigious good website certificate
  • Let's see a sample report of a small website audit
Your benefits:
  • Comprehensive usability analysis of all elements on your website
  • Quickest way to identify the majority errors in 3 to 7 days
  • Competitive price
  • Professional recommendations on how to solve identified problems
  • 800 - 2.000 PLN
  • The price depends on the size and complexity of the website
  • Time to completion from 3 to 7 days
  • In order to receive the accurate valuation please contact us
They recommend us:

SALE - free-of-charge, preliminary website audit

free-of-charge, preliminary website audit

If you are interested in usability audits of webAdviser but you're not sure if your website needs a user experience optimization, order a free trial audit. It will express a general opinion on your site and in two or three slides it will show you some of the problems we have identified, and ways to solve them. We will enclose you also a dedicated offer for your website.

Ordering a free report does not incur any risk. If you think that our report does not improve your website, do not pay.

If you are interested in preliminary report, please contact us.