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User tests
Users testing

What is the users testing?

Users testing is one of usability analysis methods that involves the observation of how users cope with most desired actions on your website. The study relates to the selected processes, most often purchasing process, and not the entire page. We verify then user experience of the most important elements in the most accurate way, because these elements determine success or failure of website to the greatest extent.

www optimization Usability analysis is carried out on a selected group of respondents that match with your target customers. We do not have fixed groups. Each study requires from us recruiting new people that fit your target group. Thus, we can guarantee that the results will not be affected by the experience of previous studies. Respondents are required to perform a task agreed with you during usability tests. Frequently, it is to find and order the product, register or perform other actions on the website.

website analysis

The results of test with users allow to identify more than 96% of the errors and problems that users encounter on your site. Thanks to these tests, optimization of your website can focus on the key elements that have the greatest impact on user experience and sales on your website.

How does the process of user testing look like?

In this case website analysis consists of three steps:

  1. Preparation of usability tests
    • Gathering customer profile information
    • Agreeing on tasks respondents will perform
    • Recruitment of the respondents according to your guidelines
  2. Testing - individual sessions with respondents
    • Respondents execute predetermined tasks during individual sessions
    • Satisfaction questionnaire evaluation of ergonomics, navigation and structure of website and general experience using your portal
  3. Analysis of the testing session and preparing the report of usability tests
    • Empirical analysis customer paths, clicks, how they find information
    • Qualitative analysis - feelings associated with the use of the service, comments, descriptions of behaviors, descriptions of frequent problems
What do we analyse?
  • registration process on the website
  • product searching process
  • ordering process
  • information searching process
  • interface usage
  • ... and other activities, well-defined tasks and processes
How are we analyse?
  • from 2 to 5 scenarios
  • from 10 to 15 respondents
  • maximum an hour per respondent
  • test leader deepens interview during the study
  • ...thanks to these principles we guarantee maximum effectiveness of research
What do you get?
  • detailed report of the results, both aggregated and individual
  • a set of model recommendations how to optimize your website
  • video files with recorded actions of the respondents and their statements
  • on request, we conduct a presentation of the results of analysis
Your benefits:
  • ability to test website functionality on your users
  • complete knowledge of the problems encountered by users in the key processes and recommendations for improvement
  • gaps on the website identified by your users
  • best opportunity to optimize your website and improve user experience
  • 7.000 - 10.000 PLN
  • time to completion from 14 to 28 days
  • price depends on the scope of the audit and the number of the participating respondents
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